After doing work on 60-minute makeover Marnie Riches ( a published author) saw our work and asked us to manufacture her master bedroom window dressings and bed throw as her home was going to appear on Sarah Beanies ‘Double your house for half the money’  Obviously as the title suggests the aim was trying to increase the value of your home on a budget.  After going through various options to work out the desired look we came up with a solution.  Marnie saw some bed sheets that she liked in a Boundry mill and she asked me if they would be suitable and what could we do with them.  The sheets were on sale at less than half price so after working out the technical specifications I told her how many sheets she needed.  She got all of the fabric she needed for everything for under £70.00.

Once we had the fabric we then set about manufacturing the window dressings.  As we were working with lightweight fabric (designed for bedding) it was very thin.  We, therefore, had to use inter-lining to add additional fullness to the curtains to make them look substantial.   With that, the blackout lining on the reverse and our technical skill combined with years of experience we made bedsheets into beautiful window dressings fit for a television program.

We are happy to say Marnie’s project was a complete success and she has now completed other renovation projects based on the experience she gained from taking part in Sarah Beanies program.