Bolton Build

We were asked once again to help out a deserving family in Bolton in the North West, where a little boy called William was struggling as his home wasn’t suitable. The DIY S.O.S team (with the help of Laurence Llewelyn Bowen), created a sensory bedroom to accommodate his needs.  Whilst they were at it in true DIY S.O.S style …. they restructured the rest of his house too… Click on the picture to see more images from the days fitting.

The Veterans Village Manchester

We were asked to manufacture the curtains and blinds for the two-part episode when the Diy Sos team went into the Machester and helped to renovate a whole street for our Army Veterans.  The team concentrated on 4 houses for which we supplied all of the soft furnishings.  We must have made around 15 pairs of curtains, 20 roman blinds, and countless cushions and accessories for the houses.  We were on set from 4 a.m until 2 a.m the following day and we were absolutely shattered by the end.   So our hats went off to the amazing team who were still there on-site when we left.  I think they must have been on set for at least 36hours by the end.  Click on the image to see more pictures from the episode.

The Veterans Village Manchester Re-Visit

We were once again asked to help out on the re-visit to Manchesters The Veterans Village, where this time there was one more house to finish off.  The team asked us again if we could help out and of course, we said yes.  This time it wasn’t as hard as the first time as we had around 7 or 8 windows to do.  Click on the image to see more pictures from the days fittings.